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About The Blueprint


Our role is to fuel the growth of startups and bridge the gap between Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. We do this by building the confidence and capability of entrepreneurs to create, scale and invest in startups.

We were established in 2021 and our mission is to fuel 30 startups by 2030 and turn turn them into enterprises. The Blueprint University, an innovative educational platform designed to empower individuals to achieve their goals and dreams through personal development and entrepreneurship.

Through our work, we are driving improvements in the startup investment landscape by providing the tools and resources to our community in order to receive early stage venture capital, supporting programs that build founders, investors, and talent capabilities and confidence; and continuing to drive awareness and advocate for startups.

Operating in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, we have strong connections with startup founders, Venture Capitalists (VCs), angel investors and community partners such as accelerators, co-working spaces and other service providers.

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