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The Blueprint University 
Incubator Hub 


Ever wished there was an all-in-one program that could guide you through the step-by-step

process of entrepreneurship, with educators who have real-world skills, knowledge, and


The Blueprint University Incubator Program is that place — and it’s where you need to be.

This is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning experience that prepares you

and your business for every aspect of entrepreneurship.



Starting from square one isn’t intimidating at Blueprint University. This undergraduate-level

program is the start of the critical foundational work for your business. You’re a visionary

entrepreneur who has a great idea - but that’s about it! You don’t know what the next step is.

We’ll take it from there. When you apply to the Incubator Program, one of our highly skilled

intake specialists will assess where you’re at, and what skills and knowledge you’re coming in

with. From there, one of our advisors will help you shape and clarify your vision. You’ll undergo

an intensive mindset and vision mapping process to ensure that this journey is something you

are truly passionate about. We don’t like to mince words: entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the

park but we believe if you’re here — then you’re already built for it. Our team can help get you




The Incubator Program is a true university model educational hub for entrepreneurs. Each level

- Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior - provides you with the necessary building

blocks that mirror the entrepreneurship journey. Our team has designed each of our programs to

eliminate the most common pain points and failures that new business owners face. Through

collaborative, intimate, and engaged instruction time, you receive an exclusive, one-of-a-kind

learning experience with our knowledgeable advisors and educators.

Your Freshman Level is a six-week in-person program that covers the basics of business. After

your dedicated intake specialist completes your assessment, we hit the ground running.

Together, we’ll go over the fundamentals of Business 101, Finance 101, Marketing 101,

Business Mindset 101, and Branding 101. These mandatory introductory courses set the stage

for how healthy your business will be long-term. The more thorough and detailed we are at the

beginning, the smoother things will be for you as you advance through BPU’s graduate

programs. We’ll go over business mindset, determining where your knowledge and

infrastructure gaps exist and assist you in building out your core elements with things like

business licensing, entity formation, and developing your business plan. Once these

prerequisite components are completed, and our advisors have determined your business is

preliminarily compliant, you can proceed to your Sophomore Year.

For the next six weeks, your Sophomore Level educators will guide you as you work to secure

trademarking, develop your marketing plan, get set up with business funding, and advance you

to the next step of financing. These crucial components all work in unison to ensure that you are

fully lender-compliant so that you can immediately start building your business credit. The initial

stages of your marketing and branding plan must be developed before you can graduate. Your

advisors and educators work with you, step-by-step, to ensure that no element is missed.


Our 12-week Junior Level begins with applying for your Level 3 credit. Together, our team will

assist you in building out your SOPs and your HR department. We’ll help you apply for any

required certifications, begin your tax planning, and get you optimally positioned to apply for

grants and government contracts. If you need a brick-and-mortar space for your business, our

team will assist you in location research and scouting. You will also work alongside our branding

and media team of advisors and educators to complete your website design. Once your SOPs

and HR department is fully fleshed out in detail, you will be able to advance to your Senior


The final stage of our Incubator Program is the 12-week Senior Level which is where all the

pieces come together. Your marketing and branding plan will enter into its optimization and

implementation phase to prepare you for launch day and/or your grand opening. Your financial

and tax planning education should now be robust and fulsome as you begin applying for Layer 4


Congratulations! You are now ready to apply to BPU’s graduate programs: the Start Up Program

and the Scale Up Program.

At BPU, we operate on the belief that education is the cornerstone for longevity and success in

the business world. We don’t rush. We don’t skip steps. And we deliver results.

This isn’t your average entrepreneurship course. And you’re not the

average entrepreneur.

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