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Module 1

Learn how to strategically choose and reserve your business name, classify your business industry and entity type (Sole Prop., LLC, LLP Corp.). Access to The Blueprint library of over 100 + business industry's. (If you don't already know what your business will be about)

Business Organization

Module 2

Watch me walk through all 50 states step-by-step entity set up and learn about your state fees and requierments.

Entity Set Up For All 50 States

Module 3

Watch me walk you through your EIN creation, Sales and Use Tax set up, Whole-Sale Licensing and 50,000.00 tax credit with one simple tip. 

Know Your State Tax Regulations

Module 4

Learn how to set up your business up for success with all of the correct company information required for your business to grow. This is the time to organize your company in a way that will be beneficial to your future customers and lenders for business funding.

Your Company Foundation 

Module 5

Learn how to create a high converting business plan from scratch for your business that will have lenders and investors writing checks to your company tomorrow.

You Need A Business Plan

Module 6

Learn the easiest and fastest way to obtain business credit in 4-6 months that will allow you to get over 100k in funding! This method is completed in just 6 layers!

Building Business Credit

Module 7

Learn how to go from 0-500 email subscribers or customers in 30 days using the same methods that I used with no paid ads or affiliates.

Marketing & Advertising

Module 8

Learn how to properly and legally hire W-2 and 1099 employees. You will get inside tips on employee handbooks, workers compensation insurance, employee health insurance benefits and much more.

Employer Hiring Tools

Module 9

Plan ahead and know all of your yearly fees and obligations so that your paperwork stays in-tack and you are not paying late penalties and risk having your business terminated.

Yearly Business Requirments

Module 10

This is a step-by-step business checklist to make sure that you have everything set up before you put your business out there and have a profitable business. 

Ready... Set... Go!

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